Dearborn, Inc. accepts applications from talented professionals that are driven by precision. If you are interested in a career with Dearborn, contact us!

Dearborn, Inc. is always accepting applications from talented professionals.

Did you know that the employment of machinists is expected to grow 35 percent by 2025? Precision machinists are well-trained, skilled experts that understand the properties of metals, and know how to use manual and computer-based methods to make machined products. Just about everything manufactured today, in industries as diverse as the automotive, space, medical, and green energy industries can be traced back to the work of a machinist.

Dearborn, Inc. is always looking for seasoned machinists with a wide range of skills that are comfortable working with traditional and modern precision machining methods.

Dearborn, Inc. offers the following benefits:
  • • Health & life insurance
  • • Paid vacations
  • • Paid holidays
  • • 401k plan
Dearborn, Inc. also avidly encourages continuing education.

If someone within our company, regardless of their position, shows an interest in going back to school or receive training to enhance their knowledge that provides a benefit to the company, we’ll help support their continuing education.

Current job Openings

Please click a job title below for more information and to download the full posting as a PDF document.

We have one job opening for a full time CNC Lathe/Mill machinist to work in our manufacturing department requiring the following abilities:

  1. You must have demonstrable experience. 
  2. You must be able to work on your own once trained and familiar.
  3. Knowledge needed to operate the CNC lathes and Mills at Dearborn:
    1. Must be able to understand G&M code programming.
    2. Must be able to make at least simple edits in CNC programs.
    3. Must have complete knowledge of touching off tools and adjusting offsets.
    4. Must have knowledge of carbide insert geometries. Ex., 35,55 and 80 deg. Cutters and when to select each one.
    5. Knowledge of blueprint reading, standard formulas and shop math.  For example how to compute surface feet, RPM, Inches per minute.
    6. Experience is preferable on high strength and super alloys.
    7. Once trained and familiar with our work, must be able to trouble shoot problems experienced with the machining and fixturing.
Must be willing to operate equipment beyond CNC, in order to allow Dearborn to keep you fully employed no matter what the workload might be.  We will train in these areas to insure your success.

Download Full Posting (PDF)

We have one job opening for a full time General machinist to work in our manufacturing department requiring the following abilities:

  1. Good mechanical abilities and understanding of basic mechanical concepts.
  2. We machine some work pieces that have very high values therefore you must be conscientious about your work habits.
  3. You must have an excellent attendance record to remain at Dearborn.
  4. You must have a combination of excellent efficiency and quality, once familiar and trained in our type of work.
  5. You must be able to work on your own once trained.
  6. Must be willing to operate other equipment and will be trained as needed.
  7. Overtime must be worked when needed in order to take care of fluctuations in the workload and urgent deliveries.

Download Full Posting (PDF)

If you are interested in a career with Dearborn, please send a resume to:

Dearborn, Inc.
Attn: Sue Heidinger, Human Resources
678 Front St.
Berea, Ohio 44017

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