Dearborn, Inc. is the ORIGINAL Dearborn and has evolved from providing precision gundrilling services to manufacturing sophisticated finished-machined parts.

Dearborn, Inc. was founded in 1967, and is a continuation of Howard Dearborn, Inc., founded in 1947.

Dearborn Inc. has led the way in providing innovative solutions to difficult internal machining problems, starting with the development of deep hole drilled components for the first U.S. Navy nuclear submarines. This technology has led to the development of proprietary machinery, built in-house by Dearborn Inc., and many new manufacturing processes that have been applied to multiple industries that require high-precision machined components.

Dearborn, Inc. has evolved from providing precision deep hole gundrilling services, to manufacturing sophisticated finished-machined parts. We provide these specialized parts to numerous industries including; Aerospace, Nuclear, Composite, Medical, Steel, and Oil and Gas. Dearborn's ability to manufacture components beyond standard tolerances has made us a valuable source for many of the nation's largest manufacturers.

Within our modern facility, you'll find state-of-the-art equipment and a talented, well-trained workforce that is eager to solve your technical problems. From initial planning to final shipment, we do everything possible to provide you with the quality you deserve.

And just a note about the Dearborn name. We are the ORIGINAL Dearborn. There are other companies with Dearborn in their name, and some offer similar services, but none offer the same quality, reliability, accuracy and level of precision as Dearborn, Inc.

Dearborn, Inc. | Built on quality, reliability, accuracy and precision.
Dearborn, Inc. | The original Dearborn since 1947.