Company Philosophy

Precision is what drives us. Our culture of willingness to reach beyond known limits of what is possible has made us a leader in precision machining.

“Precision” isn’t just an adjective, it’s what drives us.

Dearborn, Inc. in Berea, OH | Precision is what drives us. Dearborn has a culture of innovation and a willingness to reach beyond known limits. Our desire to not be constrained by what everyone else thinks is possible has made us a leader in precision machining. It’s what we’re passionate about.

If there are three things that we’d like you to know about Dearborn, they are:

  1. Our world is precision and “good enough,” isn’t. Dearborn performs difficult precision internal machining every day and has experience with difficult materials and complex projects so you can be confident that whatever your project needs, we can handle it.
  2. Our obsession with precision has led to what we call “invisible innovation.” Our facility is loaded with inventions that will never be patented. We design and build our own equipment and have a team to maintain it because nothing currently exists that can do the work we do. We deliver industry-leading precision for our clients and can do things previously unheard of because of our invisible innovation.
  3. We have the resources available to provide full-service precision machining services. We can handle the whole process for you and simplify the logistics of your entire project, eliminating the headaches of supervising multiple partners and delivering finished hardware.

There’s actually a fourth thing we’d like you to know about us:

  1. When you work with Dearborn, we help you solve problems you didn’t even know you had. Our engineers routinely help our clients create a better product by foreseeing possible issues and finding ways to improve the process before drill ever hits metal. Through careful fact-finding to reduce “cost drivers,” our engineers regularly help clients find a more efficient and cost-effective path to production and it doesn’t cost them extra. That’s the value of our experience!

When you need precision, you need Dearborn.